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Main Commercial Services

General Landscaping

** Describe what all the commercial landscaping service would include. Will they have to specify what it includes? So far I have *tree/shrub trimming, *mulching, *flowerbeds, *SOD install, * land clearing. 


We will tear down of the old fence, put the new fence up, and haul off all the old material. 

Lawn Maintenance 

Our team will come out and mow, edge, and blow your commercial property. Book us weekly or biweekly. Call today for a free estimate

Leaf Clean Up

Cleanup of all Leafs on the property

Land Clearing

**  What would this commercial service include? Is there a requirement for this service? An estimated project time? Is there specific equipment being used to do this service?

Tree or Shrub Trimming

Shrubs are carefully trimmed to compliment your campus appeal and support a neat regrowth.

additional services


Give your property a more appealing look with stone or brick flower beds. 


Nourish and protect your flowers with mulch. Helps protect plant roots in extreme weather by providing insulation. Choose from our mulch choices for better soil enrichment.

Mosquito Control

Describe what this service looks like? What kind of chemicals will you use- are they pet or children safe? Is there any requirement for this service? Note anything special about this service or when it's most popular. Is there any benefits?

SOD Install

Tell me about the kind of sod you use. Is there a benefit to using sod vs artificial turf?  Will this include edge trimming and lawn clipping disbursement? 

Is there a guarantee on this service? What can the customer expect with this service? and in what amount of time?

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Additional Services

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