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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business


Payments Accepted

All payments are processed by our third party booking service and can be found your member's login. Subscription memberships are available to facilitate a weekly or biweekly  maintenance. Please read through the service descriptions before booking. Not sure on what service is best for you? 

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Satisfaction Guarantee


Everyone has a different lawn, Please contact us so we can give you an accurate QUOTE based of the measurements and condition of your lawn. 


Bellow are some of the most common fees when doing a lawn Service. 


  • Pet Waste Removal= $14

  • Overgrown Fee- Grass Over  6"-10"= $20

  • Trash/Toy Pickup+ $10

  • Lawn Bags- Each Bag= $10

  • Leaf Relief= $15

  • Bag Yard Clippings= $10


Cancellation Policy

Member subscription may be cancelled with a five day notice. Please contact us at 512-487-5055 with your member's information and cancellation notice. Failure to provide a timely notice may lead to a charge from completed service.

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